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Balancing Convergence

Client: Bristol Event Center, Hilton Home 2 Suites, Doubletree Hilton

Location: Bristol, CT, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team

Artist, Fabricator

Eric David Laxman


Art Consultant

Carol Spiegel

The Art Group


This graceful, elegant and monumental sculpture graces the front entrance of the Bristol Event Center in Bristol, CT. It is fabricated in stainless steel and measures 11’H x 6’W x 6’D. It is the focal point of the new Home-2Suites property which is branded as Central Connecticut’s premier destination for memorable weddings, business events, trade shows and conferences. The dynamic sculpture welcomes guests as they arrive at the main entrance and sets the tone for an unrivaled first class experience. The sculpture is dynamic and engaging from all sides and its curvilinear organic forms complement and contrast the orthogonal architecture of the building entrance. The abstract sculpture references the initials “B” and “C” which has been adopted as the logo of the Bristol Event Center.


The goal of the project was to create an elegant, graceful and dynamic sculptural interpretation of the letters "B" and "C". The client wanted the sculpture design to be the basis for a logo for the new Home 2 Suites, by Hilton. Another goal was to create a visually engaging centerpiece for the front entrance and provide a space for gathering and taking group photographs.


I was initially contacted by an art consultant who was interested in presenting my work to her client, the owner of the Bristol Event Center. I worked closely with him to develop the final design and fulfill his design goals for the project. I then met with the project planner, building contractors, landscape architects and lighting designers to coordinate my sculpture within the site. As a group we decided on the overall layout of the site to make it inviting and accessible to visitors. This included continuous seating that wraps around the around the outer perimeter of the space, proper placement of lighting and other site design features.