Submitted by Phill Evans Sculptural Design


Client: SMUD-Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Location: Sacramento, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Sue Anne Foster

Sacramento Municipal Utility District


Phill Evans

Phill Evans Sculptural Design


BALANCE OF POWER- Sacramento Municipal Utility District gave decommissioned Solar panels to artist to use in a prize exhibition. Using Fire, Wind, Light and Water elements that the has been used by the Utility to produce electricity. I balanced the working solar panels and the bronze tree/ fire glass, with water glass,steel and stone. H-11ft W-7ft D-3ft- Steel, Stone, Glass, Bronze, Aluminum, Plastic, electrical current from Solar panels and interactive oscillation by touch and wind.


The sculptural concept using a diverse collection of materials and processes exhibits interesting complexities and solutions. The Utility is proving that our electrical needs can be met with a balance of creative solutions that leads to a balance with earth resources.


Artist given decommissioned solar panels and told to - go for it.

Additional Information

There are 25 plus artist in this show and it is very exciting. SOLART