B32 Baleia landmark pavilion - CODAworx

B32 Baleia landmark pavilion

Submitted by artemátyika

Client: Faria Lima Prime Properties FLPP

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $500,000

Project Team

B32 Real-Estate developer & pavilion concept

Rafael Birmann

Faria Lima Prime Properties S.A. (FLPP)

B32 pavilion concept

Pedro Terra Lab

B32 pavilion designer & 3d modeller

Matías Nieto-Tolosa


BIM & construction manager

Renato Silva



Cachalot-shaped monumental sculpture for placemaking at B32 Plaza, a former private space open to the public in the biggest Brazilian metropoli.


The goal was to compose, insert and ensamble an urban folly into a complex real estate scenario for placemaking and civic stimulation.

Additional Information

This iconic urban scene is defined by a tower, a theater and a plaza. B32 Plaza landscape architecture was designed by Thomas Balsley (SWA/Balsley), who also decided the location for the monumental sculpture. B32 Tower architecture was designed by Chien Chung 'Didi' Pei (PEI Architects LLC.). Aluminium frames and panels installation coordinated by Michael Eidinger (Aura System) and fabricated by ITEFAL. Structural engineering calculation integrated with TEKLA-BIM by Flávio D'Alambert (Projeto Alpha Engenharia de Estruturas). Steel structure was fabricated, welded and installed by MECTAL.