Miami Curtain - CODAworx

Miami Curtain

Submitted by David Lindberg

Client: Private collectors

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


David Lindberg

Studio David Lindberg

Clients, and collaborators

The Mitrani-Esquenazi's


A couple in Miami commissioned me to make this 18ft resin “Curtain” in their home. Parts of the artwork are opaque, but most of it is translucent, so it glows and varies in intensity through the day’s changing light.


To enhance the space with a colorful artwork which has the ability to stimulate one’s imagination. The artwork should reveal new aspects through repeated viewing.


I created a series of acrylic paintings and resin models (see photos) to develop a plan the clients liked. And they agreed to let the actual artwork evolve because resin runs down in unpredictable ways. I prepared all the possible colors in my Brooklyn, NY, studio. After shipping the materials, I traveled to Miami, and it took three days to finish. The first day was for hanging the fabric and setting up a work area. Day 2 was the main work day when I mixed and applied the resin (please see the 30 sec. time-lapse video of a 7.5 hr time period). Day three, was for cleanup and touch-ups. One special thing with this project was the clients were present, and it was a pleasure to have their input and reactions while making it.