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Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center

Client: Aurora St.Luke's Medical Center

Location: Milwaukee, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Mark Schmitz



Christopher Moore



Amy Beyler



ZEBRADOG transformed an aging hospital experience by creating integrated and immersive art programs focused on bringing core values, caregiver recognition and patient stories to the public spaces through both static and digital expressions. The reimagined environment was developed with alongside custom messaging and revised facility brand color palettes. The use of modern materials and technology included; custom millwork, metals, solid surface (Corain), large-scale vinyl graphics, dimensional signage and interactive digital media.


The project goal was commissioning and creating an art program that told the stories of caregivers, patients and family members through the successful merging of facility and overall brand palettes. As the chosen provider, ZEBRADOG melded these elements through both static and digital mediums.


The collaboration process involved programing various storylines throughout layers of the facility, and working with the appropriate parties for curation of content including stories, testimonials, image assets and donor information. Many hospital resources were included in the process including the marketing and communications departments, donor foundations, caregivers, staff and facilities directors.

Additional Information

The project has been celebrated both internally and externally for its overall success in creating an art program ABOUT the institution itself - the focus of which tells the stories of the people that receive, give and support the care that happens within their space.