Submitted by Lyle London



Location: SAN DIEGO, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $180,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Jane Thompson

JD Thompson & Assoc


Khristopher Tabaknek

CO Architects


AURORA is an aerial sculpture of 3 interlocking spiral arrays made up of 10,000 individual pieces of dichroic glass and stainless steel tensioning rails. Floating below the ceiling of the 55' diameter entry rotunda of the San Diego Hospital it creates an atmospheric effect to complement the 'Coastal' theme of the terrazzo floor.


Integration of the suspended artwork was critical to creating a relaxing and organic space to welcome patients and staff to the hospital. The 3,500 dichroic glass 'pixels' change color with the interplay of reflected and transmitted light and present a constantly changing environment during day and night to everyone walking through the atrium space.


Several 3D CAD design iterations were created by the artist, and the architectural team and art consultant worked with the artist to develop the most appropriate and impactful design.

Additional Information

There were several on site meeting and concept presentations by myself during early construction to discover the optimum scale and mass of the piece before commissioning.