Augmented Reality Mural - CODAworx

Augmented Reality Mural

Submitted by Amy Malkan

Client: The Malkan Group, LLC

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Amy Malkan

The Malkan Group, LLC


Owen Merkling


We created a mural with an interactive AR component to be on display at the Activation Festival held at the ION. The themes for the festival was Robotics, Space and Open Source.

The mural is made out of (2) 4ft x 8ft wooden panels to make a 8ft x 8ft mural. Materials used were latex and aerosol.

The end user can scan the QR code and then point the camera to the image to activate it to come to life.


I wanted to show that AI can be a tool artists can use and not be afraid of it. To show that without the right input and prompt, you cannot achieve the whole vision without the artist.


I wanted to capture the 3 themes in my mural so it shows an extraterrestrial, his robot sidekick, a robot pet and a galaxy in the background. I used Midjourney an artificial intelligence app to generate the image with a prompt I input into the app and then Procreate where I was able to manipulate the image to my liking.

I then built the mural with 2 4ft x 8ft panels that created an 8ft by 8f temporary mural. I painted the mural in layers to capture each stage and sent high resolution pictures to my tech to began working on the augmented reality. The mural is painted with aerosol and latex.

The augmented reality is a filter built on the platform Meta Spark that can be used with Instagram and Facebook.