Atomic - CODAworx


Client: Georgetown BID

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Nancy Hou


Josh de Sousa


Atomic was part of Georgetown GLOW, an annual light art festival, and was on display between December 5, 2019 and January 5, 2020. The project is 25ft x 25ft x 35ft tall and consists of hula hoops, fishnet fabric, zip ties, and a large nylon net attached to several existing trees.


Atomic is an ode to the tiny particles that shape our universe, filling an otherwise infinite vacuum with energy, gravity, variety and light. Consisting of hula hoops and fishnet fabric, the iridescent canopy is a physical manifestation of the bokeh effect, a phenomena that occurs when points of light are photographed out of focus. The project’s multi-hued facets also establish a contextual link with stained-glass windows of Grace Church.


The project was completed in collaboration with Nancy Hou, my studio partner at Hou de Sousa.