As Water Falls - CODAworx

As Water Falls

Client: The Fair

Location: Bracknell, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Creative director

Daniel Iregui


Artistic director

Celia Gennevois



Guillaume St-Amand


Sound design

Xavier Tremblay



From all earthly elements, water is the one that unites us all best. It is at the basis of life in all its forms, and embodies various concepts crucial to our very existence: vitality, continuity, sustainability, purification, and growth. As a new media art studio that often explores nature-related themes, it is no surprise that our attraction to water reverberates in many of our works.
AS WATER FALLS is a virtual interactive waterfall that aims to explore different aspects of water and its metaphorical concepts, shedding a light on our relationship with this precious element. A large-scale installation taking the form of a cascade, the piece reacts to mobile phone flashlights. Added mirrors, real water, and vibrating motors are also included to make for an even more immersive experience.

Sounding and looking like a big natural waterfall in the middle of a closed physical room, people will swiftly realize as they get closer that the water flow is actually a plethora of objects and concepts that are sure to pique their curiosity. With inherent instructions embedded within the piece itself, participants will easily understand how to engage and will embark on the experience by pointing their mobile flashlight toward the different visuals displayed.


Bracknell Forest Council teamed up with The Lexicon to bring a spectacular ten-day event to the town centre, celebrating water and the important role it plays in everyone’s lives.
Called Forest Springs, the celebration saw The Lexicon transform into a watery extravaganza with breathtaking art installations and immersive activities running from Wednesday, April 6 to Saturday, April 16 2022. Star of the show was the world premiere of ‘As Water Falls’, a unique interactive experience that explores our relationship with water using a spectacular digital waterfall.


We worked closely with We Are The Fair, UK, their client The Lexicon and Bracknell Forest Council at every step of the way. Having shared the initial idea for the interactive waterfall, we then worked together to fully develop the concept and discuss the countless creative opportunities that can ensue. This was later followed by a back and forth with a technical team from Bracknell to establish the parameters and feasibility of the installation. Four days before the premiere, the Creative Director (Daniel Iregui), Artistic Director (Célia Gennevois) and Technical Director (Xavier Tremblay) arrived on site and were able to freely install, troubleshoot, document and push the audiovisual exploration even further given the fact that the exhibition space was empty that whole time. This complete space takeover pre-show provided the team with an exceptional level of freedom that is rarely offered for this long before an exhibition, which made way for truly magical results at the premiere that marked every person who experienced As Water Falls there. The Iregular team was extremely inspired by the entire process, which was beautifully supported the whole way through by We Are The Fair's professionalism and the client's enthusiasm.

Additional Information

The waterfall theme was purposely chosen to highlight the power of this natural phenomenon, helping us make a statement on this element’s immense importance. The title also adds movement to the piece from the get-go, hinting at the many interactive possibilities that can occur “as water falls”. Designed for crowds of all ages, this engaging multi-layered installation will bring people to the great outdoors and help us once again reconnect with the simple pleasures of mother nature.