2016 LAB ART Show - CODAworx

2016 LAB ART Show

Submitted by Majie Lavergne

Client: Glitz Entertainment

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Majie Lavergne

Maitri Studio

Public Art Agent

2016 LAB ART Show


Louis Laurent Bourget

Wild Wood Project


I was invited to be part of the 2016 LAB ART Show in Vancouver. LAB ART Show is a multidisciplinary art exhibition featuring up to 130 artists, from visual art, to music, dance, live painting, fashion, film, theater, installations and interactive art. This event is hosted by Glitz Entertainment.

I had a wall of 10’w x 10’h, where I displayed 2 versions of my Interactive Art: ‘Re-Create’ (one acrylic, one wood), four abstract paintings and a large canvas print displaying various configurations of ‘Re-Create’ as an invitation for people to come and interact.


My main goal was to display my Interactive Art ‘Re-Create’ and to see how people would react and engage with it. The LAB ART Show was a good venue for it as they have shown in the past to be especially interested in any form of Interactive Art.

Peoples’ responses to ‘Re-Create’ were very enthusiastic. They got the concept right away and started to naturally interact with ‘Re-Create’. They tapped into their playfulness and creativity and it was a joy for me to witness participants’ eyes light up, laugh and smile as they were creating their own unique composition. In general, peoples’ positive response exceeded my expectations. Interesting connections were made as well, including displaying Re-Create, in a future clinic for autistic children.


Because the LAB ART Show engages in an extensive marketing campaign, I was often in touch with the organizers in order to provide them with marketing material.

Leading up to the event the organizers were in excellent communication about the requirements, expectations and time frame of the event. I was assigned two volunteers to support the set-up of my exhibit, as there were very specific time constraints. Tear down was executed very efficiently and with ease due to plenty of support and help by volunteers.

During the event itself many of the other artists and performers came to my exhibit and engaged with ‘Re-Create’ with enthusiasm and appreciation.

Additional Information

As an artist I deeply value any art form that elicits and engages peoples’ creativity and playfulness. I do believe that art doesn’t need to remain the territory of ‘artists’ and that everybody has an ‘artist’ within. I was deeply nourished by witnessing people naturally engage and interact with ‘Re-Create’. It was a joy for me to observe people collaborating, laughing, smiling and enjoying their creative process. The whole event confirmed for me that ‘Re-Create’ meets a need in peoples’ lives.