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Art + Furniture = A Conversational Piece

Submitted by 33 3D Acrylics, LLC

Client: Private

Location: Los Angeles , CA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $6,300

Project Team


Sonja Corich

33 3D Acrylics, LLC

Engineer - Owner

Arash Youssefy

Crystal Craft Acrylic Fabrication


Art, Automobiles inside and hanging from the coffee table. I designed the entire table from the sides to look similar to the grill of a car, using metal powder coated in any medium or color. An interchangeable bar allows the customizable 3D bar to be changed when wanted. The top of the table is acrylic, and the vehicle is a replica of a full-size car that we had made in a smaller size. We inserted it into the acrylic in our CAD Autodesk Program. We used a process that allowed our Acrylic Manufacturer to permanently place the front end of the vehicle inside the acrylic underneath while the rest of the car is hanging at the appropriate angle that our in-house artist is satisfied. All of our work is under our provisional utility patent. The US Trademark Department has approved our Business Name and logo.


The only goal was to take a piece of art, in this instance, a car, and place it inside a piece of acrylic and allow it to hang and become a kind piece of art and design a table base to enable the eye to see every angle. The process took a long time, and a team that believed in our vision. I wanted to change how the world envisioned art and furniture together. I have created ideas to change the world in many different art forms.


We worked with the top Acrylic Manufacturer in the US and Metal Fabricator. They helped us create a structurally sound and functional piece, keeping the art/car, the critical element, to be able to view\
It is from the top of the table (which is stunning and the money shot). There is nothing in the art or furniture world of any of our pieces in our many different lines, particularly this piece and for the car enthusiast. This table allows the eye to see the stunning work of art/car at every side and angle. We have done this using many other vehicles, motorcycles, planes, helicopters, and other items. Everything is made in the USA.