Arkansas A - CODAworx

Arkansas A

Submitted by Stephen Shachtman

Client: City of Little Rock

Location: Little Rock, AR, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $60,000

Project Team


Stephen Shachtman

National Sculptors' Guild

Art Consultant

John Kinkade

JK Designs, Inc


Fabricated in CorTen steel, with a Bronze cap at the point of each pillar. The tallest form measures approximately 16-feet high. The overall footprint will span approximately 10ft wide. The center sphere is composed of stacked flagstone pieces which create the stepped sphere form. (Not a perfect smooth sphere, but stepped to create sphere appearance.) The sphere structurally helps connect the three legs, which are then bolted into cement piers.


This sculpture represents a culmination of parts forming a stronger, more impactful unit as a result.

The graphic nature of the sculpture is ideal for both ease of viewing while in motion and creating an iconic sculpture for the Community Center campus. Because this site incorporates so many activities and houses several public buildings, the convergence of this is represented in this form - a central piece acts as the hub of all the opportunities the campus offers.

At the heart of the three steel forms is a sphere representing the community. The Steel/Bronze portion of the “A” represents Arkansas. While the individual pieces of the flagstone sphere make up my notion of its people.