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Ark doors

Submitted by Alisha Volotzky


Client: Temple Aliyah

Location: Woodland Hills, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Alisha Volotzky

Alisha Volotzky Glass Artist


Rhonda Kap

Rhonda Kap Metal Sculptor


This project was a collaboration to transform the Ark wall in Temple Aliyah in Woodland Hills, CA. The sanctuary was being remolded. The area that I worked on was approximately 300 ft.


The ark is the focal point of the synagogue. The members of the synagogue wanted to keep the image of the tree on the ark but to give it a more modern look. To bring light and life into the sanctuary.


This was a collaboration between the designer, Barbara Balaban, who oversaw the remodel of the sanctuary. The director of the temple, David Brook, who communicated the needs of the temple members. Myself, Alisha Volotzky the glass artist who designed the ark doors and executed them. Metal Sculptor Rhonda Kap, who designed and created the eternal light above the Ark.