Argyle Winery Tasting Room - CODAworx

Argyle Winery Tasting Room

Submitted by Dave Gonzo Sculpture

Client: SERA Architects/Argyle

Location: Dundee, OR, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


Walker Templeton

SERA Architects


Rick Gregg

Rick Gregg Studio


The sculptural light fixture was created from 1″ pipe which was twisted, formed and manipulated into shape using the oxyacetylene torch and specific tools some of which were custom made for the process. The odd angles of the connecting pieces were welded solid and sanded smooth to make them look continuous. All 3 pieces were buffed out to a smooth finish and sealed with an industrial clear coat.


Argyle wanted a the hanging light fixture to resemble a wine bottle with the cork and muselet popping off with bubbles. They wanted the piece to inspire curiosity for the patrons and bring discussion with the servers and other patrons.


At our first meeting after I was awarded the project they shared with me what their vision was of the sculptural light fixture and showed me one of the architects computer renderings. They asked my opinion and I let them know that I didn't see any resemblance of their vision and the rendering. I sketched up what I saw of what they were wanting and let gave them a maquette a few weeks later. They loved the idea and made a few little changes to the maquette of bending a few of the parts of the bottle and cork to give it a little bit of an abstract look.