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Client: Metro Nashville Arts Commission

Location: Nashville, TN, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Art Up Nashville

Art Up Nashville


Anthropomorphic take on a traditional U shaped bike rack. Dimensions are 4' x 2' x 22'. Materials are steel and powder coated paint. The legs are a sequence of a jogging motion. It is permanently installed in front of the Lentz Health Facility in Nashville, TN.


The Nashville Arts Commission developed a program for local artists to submit ideas to be developed as artistic bike racks. For me it was an introductory into the public art world. They helped me plan and actualize my designs into a permanent piece of outdoor sculpture. I wanted to do something playful and light hearted that everyone would enjoy.


I collaborated with Metro Nashville Arts Commission and Bellex inc to have the legs fabricated and installed. We used a skilled blacksmith to fabricate the steel leg shapes and Bellex to paint and install the piece.

Additional Information

The sculptural bike rack is designed to promote both walking and biking, an act that many people don't get enough of. It is my hope that as patients enter and leave the health facility the bike rack encourages them to live a healthier lifestyle with exercise in mind.