Artistic Architectural Concrete Installation Interior and Exterior Walls and Floor

Submitted by Krista Shiner


Client: Lucid Design

Location: Englewood, CO, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $57,000

Project Team


Krista Shiner

Shiner Studios

Interior Designer

Natasha Combs-Afana

Lucid Design


Jesse Walden

Lucid Design


Artistic architectural concrete finish installation for the walls of a residence where the interior and exterior surfaces are visually integrated. This integration can be seen in multiple areas where windows divide their connection and also flow through the upper and lower levels. There is roughly 1900 square feet of architectural elements completed with the same artistic concrete formulation whereby the process I used creates visual interest with organic dimension and tiny bits of natural sparkle within the mix. We also colored the interior concrete floor with an eco-friendly stain that incorporated controlled specs of interference gold mica powder within the first layer of wax for added visual interest alongside the various sized and colored aggregate exposed after grinding the concrete.


The goals of the project were to create an artistic finish installation that connected the interior walls to the exterior structures creating a visual integration of the outside with the inside for their modern architectural design. The client and design firm were inspired by the exterior of Restoration Hardware in Denver. The design of the residence has structural design elements moving through the residence where the interior and exterior were envisioned to visually integrate. With this knowledge it was important to have an artistic finishing installation that could be used in both areas as well as fulfill the durability demands of the exterior. The installation also had to integrate with other design elements such as the metal accents throughout, the red steel beams in the exterior, as well as the overall color schematic throughout the residence.


I was brought in during the early phases of construction to collaborate with Lucid Studio, the design build firm, to review what they and their client were envisioning for this custom built home. I was sent the full architectural drawings to review each area we would be installing the finish and compose a proposal based on the specifications. I produced a series of custom samples for visual approval before beginning the actual installation as color, dimension, and texture were all important factors in its overall creation. I then collaborated with and instructed the appropriate trades of what appropriate substrates were to be used for maximum durability within the elements. I trained 3 assistants, 2 at first, on how to achieve the finish in manageable steps where we all worked side by side keeping each other on target. I coordinated scheduling based on weather, times of day best for the exterior keeping in mind technical material usage alongside overall efficiency. Throughout the project I was in communication with the firm and the on site project manager collaborating on logical scheduling for the completion of each area in phases. Through this process being mindful of our work areas, safety, and strategies to ensure efficiency working alongside other trades onsite while in vari

Additional Information

The project as a whole combined my years of experience as a multidisciplinary artist, including working in the decorative arts, and provided the awareness and added confidence that I have the capabilities and experience to offer more artistically challenging architectural art installations in the vast realm of public art, design, and more. I was able to utilize my knowledge and experience of various concrete formulations in more innovative vertical applications that I had been wanting to do. My assistants and I were granted other parts of the projects to complete as there were some issues with another company. We were able to help the client and the overall facilitation of the project to keep on schedule. I also completed a venetian plaster wall in the main living area and a painted line design on the exterior upper concrete patio. Upon completion of this project, the design build firm and end client are happy with the overall installation and professionalism of my company and I. I have worked on other projects with them, have had them refer me to others, and have gained a power partner moving forward that is open minded to the breadth and specialization of art I can provide for them and their clients.