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Architectural Continuum


Client: University of Northern Iowa

Location: Cedar Falls, IA, United States

Completion date: 2007

Artwork budget: $37,500

Project Team


Chris Bennett

Bennett Studio


Harri Aalto

Aalto Design

Industry Resource

Creative Edge


Life-size aluminum water-jet cutout figures, printed color contemporary and sepia historical imagery on Mylar and Plexiglas, 12 foot w. x 8 foot t. x 12 inches d. hanging above the doors in the atrium entrance, University of Northern Iowa, Innovative Teaching and Technology Center.


Represents the architectural transition of the building from a classic architecture women's gymnasium to a modern technology center, architecturally integrated.


Chris Bennett designed the project, Aalto Design assisted with the design and implementation of the water-jet cut pieces and assembly, through Creative Edge.

Additional Information

The light weight materials worked well hung from the ceiling in front of a major light source from a large upper window. The light causing shadows behind the cutouts, creates an additional dimension.