Arborescence du savoir - CODAworx

Arborescence du savoir

Submitted by Bill Vincent

Client: Premieres-Seigneuries School board

Location: Lac Beauport, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $53,500

Project Team


Bill Vincent

Industry Resource

FOL Art Public

FOL Art Public


8 square feet (window), 8 square feet (outside wall relief). 7 columns of hand- carved, edge -lit Plexiglas sheets bent into book shapes depicting a tree of knowledge for a school library. The work references old encyclopedias as well as modern computer arborescent filing.


I wanted to refer to ancient and modern means of classifying, storing and disseminating knowledge for a school library. The work needed to be visible inside and outside, daytime and evening.


The artist designed the artwork, made technical plans,and carved tree branches and numbers on both side of plexiglass. Plexiglas drilled and bent by plexiglass supplier. Aluminum structure built by FOL: Art Public workshop in Quebec City . Installation by artist and FOL Art Public

Additional Information

Project part of Quebec Provincial 1% Public Art Program, which applies to all provincial governmental building in the Province of Quebec, Canada