Aquarius - CODAworx


Client: Private

Location: Branson, MO, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Branson Aquarium

Project Management

Demiurge LLC


Weighing in at 34 tons and standing 55-feet tall, the octopus sculpture is built of stainless steel and painted carbon steel. Panels of polyhedral stainless steel with varying surface textures and finishes make up the skin components. An intricate internal structure of steel coils creates the organic form and provides connections for each of the panels. A fleet of 25 flat-panel freight trucks, extending longer than three football fields, transported the deconstructed art from Colorado to Missouri.


“The most challenging part of this project was ensuring that the sculpture remains a true piece of art, regardless of its tremendous scale,” said Riche. “It demanded a strong collaborative approach between the teams. We spent lots of brain time making sure the artistic factor didn’t get lost in the overall size. We’re very proud of the skins, patterns and connections, and all the tiny details that have gone into the overall look.”