AppDynamics Moss Wall - CODAworx

AppDynamics Moss Wall

Submitted by Planted Design

Client: AppDynamics

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $60,000

Project Team

Design & Moss Wall Production

Planted Design

Planted Design


App Dynamics

App Dynamics


Totaling 230 square feet, these two moss walls really bring nature into the space in a big way. Expanding their corporate headquarters to an additional floor, AppDynamics reached out to Planted Design to provide feature moss walls for their reception area and conference room. It was important to us that their reception area feel warm and welcoming, despite lacking natural light. The wow-factor provided by this floor-to-ceiling moss wall is unquestionable and leaves visitors feeling more grounded on the 6th floor of this skyscraper.


These moss walls utilize multiple moss varieties in a natural, undulating aesthetic, creating a movement and texture to the piece. We also incorporated sticks, mushrooms, and a lot of preserved foliage in order to make the piece feel lush and truly remind visitors of the natural world. The company’s brushed aluminum logo is inlaid into the moss, providing a gorgeous contrast that highlights their name without detracting from the moss elements that surround it.