1913 - CODAworx


Submitted by Matthew Edmonds


Client: Andrew Bayard

Location: Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Matthew Edmonds

CDI Solutions


James Peck

The Pixel House


Convert and renovate a historic building into a VIP experience nightclub and bar. Due to the limitations of interior renovation because of the historical significance of the building, the art of light and color was used to drape the space and add the visual aesthetics needed.


Light and color as an art form can transform any space from the normal to the unexpected. The goal was to preserve the historic interior, but drape the space in various tones using color changing LED lighting. This direction integrated LED controller technology to give the nightclub the ability for the lighting to be integrated into the music and event.


Collaboration was key to get the correct effect within the space. LED lighting mock-ups were created before construction to test how the color and lighting would play off of materials. Materials such as metallic tile, patterned wall coverings with metallic accents, and textured materials came to life as the color and lighting interacted with each material.