Ancestors - CODAworx


Submitted by Michael Dennis


Client: Denman Island Green Cemetery

Location: Denman Island, BC, Canada

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


Michael Dennis


David Scruton


John Dillon


Denman Island recently created the first dedicated green cemetery in Canada. I was asked to create a sculpture to stand at the entrance. This group of three ancestors welcomes visitors, as well as those coming to join them permanently. They are 10 ft. tall, sculpted from western red cedar.


These figures speak about those who have gone before, our ancestors, who occupy all cemeteries. I intentionally create the forms without any detail of feature which might identify them as belonging to any particular group of people. Thus the viewer may interpret them however she/he wishes, may feel included.


I discussed my proposal with the committee developing the cemetery, both as to my intention in the form it would take, and also as to its location at the entrance to the burying grounds. Others on the committee helped in the installation.

Additional Information

We will all join them one day!