Client: Landmarks Public Art Program 

Location: Austin , TX, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $89,100

Project Team


Monika BRAVO

Project Manager

Nisa Barger Landmarks

Landmarks, University of Texas

Curator and Director

Andrée Bober

Landmarks, University of Texas

Technology Manager

Bill Haddad

Landmarks, University of Texas

Installation Services

Patrick Sheehy

Studio Manager

Sana López Abellán

Monika Bravo Studios


This project was done in 2020 for Landmarks Public Art Program, Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin.

Lodged between the space of knowing and not knowing, between natural phenomena and scientific inquiry. By drawing inspiration from the primary elements that make up our planet—earth, water, fire, and air—Monika invites the viewer to consider how we reconcile our knowledge of the natural world with our anthropocentric lives. In turning to the geological, she alludes to a complex process of transformation occurring at rates invisible to us. The installation features geological data layered with visuals recorded in locations such as Iceland, New Mexico, Colorado, and her native Colombia. 

Animations—running on what the artist refers to as “circular canvases”—are displayed on three flat-screen panels. Streams of numbers, satellite imagery, seismic and weather graphs, and mineral geometry are combined with poetry that pays tribute to the earth.


This animation made for the Jackson School of Geosciences, Austin, Texas alludes to the natural treasures present on our planet and creates a mesmerizing environment in which the relationship between us humans and our surroundings is explored. 

On-campus the students are invited to immerse in a contemplative sensorial experience.


By making painterly collages in which Bravo overlays, cut, and playfully arranges many images that can come either from her own database (travels, archive, artworks) or from other sources.
 In this project she used poetry written by geologists threading it and animating it into seismographic charts, resulting in a breath-like pulsation as we breathe in tandem with mother Earth.

Additional Information

 I am a multi-disciplinary artist born in Bogotá, Colombia. I studied fashion design in Rome & Paris and photography in London and NYC. I moved to Miami Beach, during 2020. I embody my own perspective and no longer seek “truth”; my vision is a synthesis of all disciplines, guiding me to manifest a reality that matches my desire to evolve. I create mesmerizing environments for public spaces, intimate interpersonal interactions through astrological readings, and meaningful spaces for individual and communal development through talks and workshops. I enjoy directing and producing diverse projects, from complex multi-media installations and public art commissions to artists’ books, textile design, and community workshops – thus, I see no boundaries between the applied and fine arts. I thrive in situations where I am working with limitations and constraints, creating opportunities for innovative projects that serve communities for years to come. I enjoy challenging myself with new technologies and materials and discovering new ways of manifesting my ideas to fit the needs of the location.