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Amnesty Solstice: Project to commemorate the heroes of Human Rights

Submitted by Namaya Art Rat for Peace

Client: Villa Grimaldi Peace Park

Location: Santiago, Chile

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team

Design and coordination


Namaya Productions


Villa Grimaldi Peace Center

Villa Grimaldi

Chief Engineer

Dean Gallea

Grace Cares

Dance company

Tar Danza Dance

Tar Danza

Dance Company

Fraternidad Allyu

Fraternidad Allyu


Sculpture 12 feet tall to celebrate heroes of Human Rights. This project appeared in NYC at the Clearwater Festival, and at Villa Grimaldi Peace Center in Santiago, Chile.


The Goal was to highlight the heroes of human Rights internationally, and in Chile


With the Peace Center in Santiago collaboration was the heart of the work. We worked closely with the center, local artists, dancers, videographers and the visitors at the center who were impacted by the dictatorship.

Additional Information

The sculpture Amnesty Solstice was the centerpiece of this project and at night the beam of light was projected to the sky. With the center’s staff, they chose who their heroes of human rights. Many of the visitors at the center, who had suffered during the time of the dictatorship, were deeply moved. In addition, with my collaborators, we had created MEMORIA. HABLAR DIGNIDAD – “To remember, to speak, and to look forward to the future.” This was multimedia, dance, theater performance we created at this former torture center that is now a peace park. The Center Director said, “This was one of the most moving experiences. Namaya and his team were so sensitive to our needs, and our trauma. With all the performers they created one of the most memorable events at our center.