Alluvii I - CODAworx

Alluvii I

Client: District of N Vancouver

Location: N, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Ben Blaney

Art Research Enterprises


David Moses

Moses Structural Engineers


Entry sculpture for a new mixed-use development. The artwork ties into the surrounding natural ecosystem of the Capilano River and Cleveland Dam. The sculpture is intended to be interpreted in multiple ways (a streaming waterfall, a cistern vessel, salmon schooling, boat oars, kayaks, smooth rocks, water dripping from leaves etc…).


Park West at Lions Gate Village by Keltic Canada Development seeks to create a unique, community-centric experience for residents and visitors alike. They sought out celebrated sculpture artist, Blessing Hancock, to create a unique public art sculpture for the community space that would capture this vision and bring it to life. Alluvii is a series of three artworks, which was recently completed at Park West. The title stems from the word ‘alluvion’, a term used to describe the action of a sea or river forming new land by deposition.