Alluvial - CODAworx



Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Falon Mihalic

Falon Land Studio

Assistant Designer

Fuko Nara

Falon Land Studio


ALLUVIAL is a geologic term to describe soils, gravels, and sand that have been shaped by water on the earth’s surface. An alluvial landform shows a history of water movement in rivulets and depositions of soils. These pigmented, textured wall-mounted ceramic sculptures evoke water movement across the earth’s surface. The wall is dry painted with a soft wash gradient of blue pigment to create a watery feeling background that amplifies the glowing edge of the niche wall.


The office requested a boldly colorful piece that interacted with the bright internal illumination of the niche wall. Layers of pigments and glaze on colored clay ceramic sculptures amplify the texture, form and shadow play across the surface of the entire work.