All In - Another Day at the Office - CODAworx

All In – Another Day at the Office

Submitted by Daniel Borup Sculpture Studio


Client: Meridian Arts Council

Location: Shelley, ID, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $53,550

Project Team


Daniel Borup

Daniel Borup Studio LLC


Meridian Arts Council


The title “All In – Another Day at the Office” comes from two places, first “All In” from the Brad Paisley song about firefighting, and “Another Day at the Office” because what I find so commendable about fire fighters is not necessarily the single act of service and bravery that we always think about and see in the movies, but rather the work, practice, and dedication they put in day in and day out so they are ready at a moments notice.

This piece is perfect for the home of a fire fighter or as a memorial at a fire station. The first in the edition was recently installed at Fire Station #6 in Meridian, Idaho.


This piece was commissioned for Fire Station #6 in Meridian, Idaho. As stated in the RFP "The public art at Fire Station #6 should be freestanding, safe and hazard free, low-maintenance, durable, suitable for outdoor installation, visible from the roadway and welcoming to visitors at the facility. The artwork installed at Fire Station #6 should feature imagery related to the work of MFD."