Alder Canopy - CODAworx

Alder Canopy

Submitted by Joel Berman


Location: Richmond, BC, Canada

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $125,000

Project Team


Joel Berman

Joel Berman Design


James Thompson


The condominium complex is called Gardens after the donation of a public park to the municipality. Inspired by a series of photos of alder leaf canopies on Pender Island, and by the use of weathering steel, the sculpture unfolded itself. This piece is the entry to the Park and is a wayfinding icon.


The integration was taking a simple photo of a series of Alder leaf canopies on a sunny day and translating that into a sculpture and wayfinding to a park donated by the developer. At the same time, functioning with the movement of people who lived in the condominium, the sculpture used weathering steel and digital glass elements to communicate trees, light and welcoming within the architectural landscape.


The collaboration on the art included, Bruce Logan who is an industrial designer, working with me on the project as well as Paul Fast structual engineers. Others on the project included the steel fabricator, and of course the client who was very involved with the acceptance of the design. The City of Richmond facilitated the overall commission. On the design side, we discussed several concepts and focused on two with the client. Technically the engineering, project management followed a straight forward implementation process with the developer. The City administered the public art process and assisted whenever we needed City approvals.

Additional Information

The weathering steel worked out very well representing tree limbs, the digital glass casts great shadows and the overall scale of the sculpture fits within the two buildings of that part of the development.