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Alabama Chanin

Submitted by Robert Rausch

Client: Alabama Chanin

Location: Florence, AL, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Robert Rausch

GAS Design Center

Project magager

Anna Lyles

GAS Design Center


Robert Rausch’s work for Alabama Chanin (just a small sample of their myriad of collaborations)
Main Photo: A gallery exhibition for her collection called Ceremony. It was all about celebrations in life, weddings, births, deaths.
1. Collection Catalog
2. First bound book by Stuart Tabori and Chang with patterns, stencils, blow in card.
3. Open stitch bound Jewelry catalog
4. Second bound book by Stuart Tabori and Chang with patterns, etc.
5. Collection catalog for revolution, collaboration with Civil Rights Photographer Charle Moore. 


Fashion is a challenging business, to be sure. But Alabama Chanin has not only survived but thrived by sticking to its core foundation...while always finding new and thrilling ways to keep the brand fresh. Robert has been an instrumental ally to designer Natalie Chanin throughout...and to this day. The brand's ongoing success is testimony to that.


As Natalie Chanin notes in her blog on the Alabama Chanin website in a feature about Rausch? "In those early days, Robert approached me and asked if I would speak to his university photography class about living and working as a fashion and photography stylist. Shortly thereafter, we became fast friends. It wasn’t long before Robert was helping me with projects for my first company. And since those early days, he has been a part of designing and creating images and photographs for the Alabama Chanin website, catalogs, the Studio Book series, and any number of other materials. We have co-hosted dinners, picnics, and events together over the years. We have raised kids, shared a dog, and talked design."