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Agua Viva by Claudia Bueno for Benchling

Client: Benchling

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Curator + Producer

Shannon Riley

Building 180


Claudia Bueno

Lighting Designer

Keegan Olton

Construction Management

Laura Scripture

Summit Construction

Workplace Technology & Development Manager

TJ Cornell



Building 180 was selected to curate and produce an original artwork that reflects the essence of Benchling, a cloud-based platform for biotechnology research and development. Building 180 commissioned Claudia Bueno to create “Agua Viva,” a marine-life-inspired chandelier that fluctuates overhead for the company’s San Francisco office. Her sculptures interact with a light installation by Keegan Arthur Olton, giving us the sensation of a constant and gentle water flow. This mesmerizing multi-dimensional displays of captivating light and intricate composition transmit a quality of timeless spaciousness that viewers simultaneously lose and find themselves in.


To create an impressive brand-aligned entranceway lobby art installation and chandelier to greet employees and visitors. We worked with Claudia and Keegan to transform the unfinished ceiling into a multi-sensory light installation that communicates a profound sense of wonderment and awe. We added dimension and light that reflected the brand of Benchling.


We selected artist and visionary Claudia Bueno to create work for this specific space. We challenged her to think beyond anything she had created before. She took the Benchling logo, a jellyfish, and really sat with the idea to create a jellyfish chandelier. She researched the animal and went to great lengths in bringing inspiration from the sea to the ceiling. We brought in an engineer to provide anchoring and safety, we partnered with a lighting designer to add color and depth and together we created "Agua Viva". This showcases our creativity, ability to work within standard spaces but create new and different ways to interact with the space. It also shows why it is helpful to place trust in an artist's vision and how, with the help of Building 180, we can bring in many team members to make a vision a reality.