Client: Cousins Properties, Inc.

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Stephanie Lively

Ziegler Cooper


Chuck Micus

Trademark Construction

Industry Resource

WP Moore


Danielle Roney Studio


AEON – referring to a timeless or eternal duration – captures one moment of flux within personal and universal interactions as spatial experience.
The project engages our constant state of flux, capturing the fluid state of virtual and physical migrations in a state of suspended animation. Through the vacuum of instability, past, present and future movements are simultaneously frozen in a state of graceful uncertainty.
The two-story, permanent sculpture connects ground and subterranean level lobbies, utilizing 12,000 ceramic spheres and 17 miles of stainless steel cable within a 6’L x 11’W x 36’H footprint.


The commissioning client was dedicated to the artwork as an integral part of creating inspiring experiences in the built environment. Art was a central theme of the entire redevelopment design to be carried throughout 3 Greenway Plaza. Within the ground level and subterranean level lobbies, the unique physical dynamics of the two-story alcove were a focal area where art could elevate the visitor experience and reflect an innovative spirit in the workplace.


Initiated at the design phase, client management articulated a clear vision and ambitious framework for the goals of the redevelopment project that were shared by all team members. Vital to the project's success, the design process was a seamless collaboration between the artist, art consultant, architects, engineers and construction management. Over a one-year period of time, each contributed expertise to respond to the finessed challenges of the existing structures and the customized implementation and installation strategies designed to achieve the monumental sculpture.