Ada - CODAworx


Submitted by Jenny Sabin

Client: Microsoft Research

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $300,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Clayton Binkley and Judy Guo

Arup Engineering


Asta Roseway

Microsoft Research

Industry Resource

Juan Pablo Lira Solar

Focus Lighting


In a first look at this future, Microsoft Research and Jenny Sabin Studio have collaborated on “Ada,” a two-story 1,100lb photoluminescent lighted pavilion structure touching on the intersection of art, tech, architecture, and material science. Suspended within an atrium space, this knitted structure supported by 3D printed nodes explores more than just space-making. Ada seeks to help answer tough questions and gain understanding of the cultural effects/implications of how humans interact with emerging empathetic AI.


Ada builds upon 13 years of collaborative work and innovation across architecture and science, where projects embrace and are informed by technology, non-standard and bio-steered concepts, and the hidden spatial structures within data; projects that have the capacity to facilitate and reveal hidden expressions and emotion in the built environment. The first architectural pavilion project to incorporate AI, Ada is also knitted light, immersing visitors in a responsive and interactive glow of photo-luminescence. Importantly, Ada is human-driven; Ada is a cyber physical architecture that is adaptive, personal, data-driven and informed by individual and collective participation. It is a project that celebrates AI, an architecture that is ‘happy to see you’ and ‘smiles back at you’.


Working with researchers and engineers at Microsoft Research, Ada is driven by individual and collective sentiment data collected and housed within the Microsoft Research Building 99. A network of sensors and cameras located throughout building offer multiple opportunities for visitors and participants to engage, interact with, and drive the project.

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