Submitted by Bill Barrett

Client: Nemocolin Woodlands Resort and Spa

Location: Farmington, PA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Bill Barrett

Bill Barrett Sculpture, Inc


Nemocolin Woodlands Resort

Nemocolon Woodlands Resort


ACTION ABSTRACTION is a fabricated bronze outdoor sculpture measuring 12ftH x 10ftW x8 ftD. The original cast bronze maquette was enlarged for this fabricated bronze sculpture to be placed at the Nemocolin Woodlands Resort and Spa in Farmington, Pennsylvania


The work was purchased outright, and not as a commissioned piece. The client liked the organic elements and the curvaceous ribbon shapes in the sculpture for the resort main entrance location. The sculpture is large enough that interior reinforcement had to be taken into consideration, while maintaining the integrity of the design.


I am fortunate to have a wonderful group of professional fabricators who I have worked with for many years, and who understand bringing a small cast bronze maquette to fruition in the large fabricated sculpture, under my guidance. It is an exacting process taking into consideration balance and internal supports and other subtle changes that occur in the enlargement process. After the work is complete with patination and a protective coating, we then focus on the organization of the lifting of the sculpture with a large crane to transport, install and anchor the work.

Additional Information

The artist selected the cast bronze maquette, ACTION ABSTRACTION from a piece in the series of cast bronze models, to fabricate on a large scale. Other models are available from the studios for enlargement and fabrication for special projects.