Copper Column - CODAworx

Copper Column

Submitted by Adam Colangelo

Client: Albina Veltman

Location: Hamilton, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $11,000

Project Team


Adam Colangelo

AC Industrial Art


Albina Veltman


The Client had requested design ideas to transform an existing support column into an architectural feature. After several collaborative meetings, Adam and the client came up with a functional design which was successfully executed on time and on budget. The commission consisted of four panels measuring 92" x 16", designed to lock together around an existing support column. The panels are covered in over 1000 2"x 3" hand-cut copper tiles which have been oxidized to achieve specific colour/texture effects.


The Client wished to have Adam's unique copper artwork as a feature in the room. The goal was to transform a regular support column into a three dimensional work of art. Due to the collaborative nature of a commissioned artwork, the final product reflects both the artist's and client's ideas and visions.


The original request involved finding a way to transform a regular support column into an architectural art feature. The process began with a series of meetings between artist and client. Several ideas were shared which slowly condensed down to the final concept plan, after which the project commenced.