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Abstract Chaos

Submitted by SUI Creative

Client: Nika and OTJ Architects

Location: Rockville, MD, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Robert O.Mayhew

SUI Creative

Rebecca Cornell

SUI Creative

Mik Gordon

SUI Creative


NIKA, a facility operations management and engineering firm, desired experiential graphics for their new headquarters. OTJ Architects designed the space and enlisted SUI for this unique phase of the project.
SUI met with NIKA’s leadership, and developed such a great working relationship it made the design phase of the process quite seamless. NIKA wanted two gigantic murals, each about 70’ long, with a “graffiti and abstract” look.

After a few rounds of designs, SUI nailed down the final concepts. Our muralist and graphic director intrepidly began work on the two large murals. One mural invoked the spirit of Banksy. The other loosely of Pollack. In just over a week, SUI had completed these gorgeous indoor murals.

These additional experiential components imbued NIKA’s new space with color and personality. Making for a showstopper of a space.


To compliment the workspace with immersive and vibrantly designed murals.