Ab-ı Hayat

Submitted by Nohlab


Client: Memorial Healthcare Group

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Completion date: 2018

Project Team




Memorial Healthcare Group


Ab-ı Hayat is a media architecture, welcoming guests in Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital’s entrance hall. Taking its name from the water that is the source of life, it spreads through three media walls on three floors, covering 48 HD screens, reaching a total of 8K resolution. It opens a door to a new dimension of time and space for the visitors, creating an area for them to momentarily forget their surroundings and experience the healing power of nature, mirroring water’s eternal ability of soothing and recovery.


Keeping the sheer balance of nature we live in, water is an important natural source, as well as the source of our lives. Its story is parallel to our story. Its story starts with our first breath of life. Its soothing ability is always prominent since the first steps of humankind. From past to present it represents healing, recovery. Once we drink it we forget our ailments, we find life again. In the nature it is ever present, giving life to all creatures on Earth and the ecosystem its rhythm, and keeping it in harmony.


The piece was commissioned and designed specifically considering the hospital's needs. We took into consideration many soothing elements- such as the water of life, nature sounds and kind of feeling the patients needed to be around to come up with what suits best at a hospital entrance. All was decided with a board from hospital including Hospitality and Psychology departments, as to what colours, sounds and feeling was more appropriate for hospital's visitors.