A Timeless Journey


Client: Downtown Improvement Authority (DIA)

Location: Jacksonville, FL, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville


Cecilia Lueza Art Projects

Cecilia Lueza Art Projects


“A Timeless Journey” is one of several public art installations created for the DIA Urban Arts Project. This is the first phase of the Urban Art Façade and Streetscape Program, a multi-phased arts-based civic engagement of public art commissions that promote community development through public art, urban design, and attractive streetscapes in Jacksonville's downtown urban core. The program was funded by the Downtown Investment Authority (DIA).


The goal was to further enhance and shape the city’s overall design, functionality, and visual aesthetic by transforming nine support columns of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s Skyway rail system.
Inspired by the Mid-Century modern style (characterized by clean simplicity and integration with nature) the purpose of these murals is to transmit the sensation of space, movement and transition. The purpose of the Skyway columns is to engange the public while creating a welcoming focal point and a sense of place for Downtown Jacksonville.


11 highly visible support columns of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s Skyway rail system were targeted by the Downtown Improvement Authority for public art murals, which enhance the overall street-level engagement, promote walkability, and improve the perception of safety . Cecilia Lueza Art Projects was commissioned to transform eleven of these concrete canvases into designs and welcoming imagery to encourage visitors and residents of all ages to utilize transit stations and delight both pedestrian and vehicular traffic with art that promotes the history and culture of Jacksonville. The project took 20 days to be completed.