A Measure of Disruption - CODAworx

A Measure of Disruption

Submitted by Jack Wates

Client: Factory Fifteen

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $3,000

Project Team


Jack Wates


Alex Mead


'A Measure of Disruption' utilized the phenomenon of video feedback to enact a dialogue between physical and digital worlds. An array of floating sculptural spheres was arranged to float in the field between camera and projected display and participants were invited to physically interact with these suspended objects to create visual effects. The movement of the spheres through this framed field would produce disruptions that would ripple infinitely through the system. The project used a camera, projector, and 5 painted steel balls in various sizes, as well as black out material to control the natural light in the space.


The main goal in integrating our artwork into the gallery of this co-working space was to convert it from a light gallery space to a dark theatrical space, in order to control the feedback phenomenon which is inherently erratic. We are interested in creating 'playable' projects that allow participants to interact to create different outcomes in the work.


The project was created by Jack Wates and Alex Mead who collaborate under the name Extraviolet, and installed at the Factory in London. The Factory is a gallery and co-working space in London, run by the award-winning creative studio Factory Fifteen.