A.I Media art project - CODAworx

A.I Media art project

Submitted by Patrick Jung


Location: SeOul, Korea South

Completion date: 2024

Project Team


Patrick Jung






Art is constantly being tried by new artists in every era
It has broken the boundaries of this art and expanded its horizons. Especially, it is a parada of the time
The bolder artistic experiment to subvert Lim, the more violent opposition and resistance
It caused a heated debate, running back and denigrating from the mainstream
Go, This is the emergence of a new art trend that is distinct from previous art
Yes, for example, French Impressionism in the past, Marcel Duchamp
That was the case with ReadyMade of .
Originally, art continues to be tried in various ways as the times change
A new trend has emerged through 11 debates. Like this, continuously
He’s trying to break the shell of an egg in front of him and move on to another world outside the egg
The launch of aspiration can be said to be the essence of art.


Beyond technological advances, new ideas about human creativity and art
It's a journey to find the solution. You can see that artificial intelligence can be used in this exhibition
I think about the infinite possibilities of art that I can create, and I think about art
I hope it will be a chance to think about the essence of the human being
It's amazing how the language and technology of will open up new horizons of creation
Please join us on this journey.