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Custom Porcelain Wing Installations

Submitted by Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong


Client: Private resident / Flinn Gallery

Location: Fairfield / Greenwich, CT, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $3,500

Project Team


Leslee Asch

Flinn Gallery


Carol cate


The random arrangement of 19 pairs of wings (3 gold tipped) is a commission for private home in Fairfield, CT. A Glimmering is a 6 ft in dia circle of 99 pairs of hand made porcelain wings, 13 pairs tipped in 20k gold china paint, radiating from large wings in the center to the smallest size at the perimeter, creating a domed effect. It was commissioned for the exhibition, Of Art and Craft, at the Flinn Gallery, Greenwich, CT.


The homeowner who commissioned the random display of wings was looking for a large work that blended with the soft whites and natural hues of her living space that created a strong (yet serene) visual impact. A Glimmering, was the focal point of the exhibition and embodied the WOW factor. This installation could easily be transferred into a commercial, hospitality or residential setting. Different sizes and arrangements can be commissioned. See my project UNITED on my website for dramatic lighting variations and collateral photography usage.


The client who commissioned the random arrangement, had seen the installation UNITED, at my studio. After I met with her, we decided on a looser random arrangement of wings, which would cover the large wall work within her budget. The install took a 1/2 day with an assistant. The client was involved in the process. For, A Glimmering, I worked with the exhibition curators, Leslee Asch and Barbara Richards. First we decided where the installation would be located to be dramatic and pull visitors into the space. The wings must be mounted on a sheetrock wall. For this project, a sheetrock wall was fabricated (built over an existing wall). I designed the sheetrock structure and indicated where the studs should be. The entire installation is done in situ, governed by the size of each pair of wings and how each pair sits on the wall. My assistant is my closest collaborator as we install the work. The wings are sturdier than they appear. Each is mounted on a nail at a 45 degree angle, so they sit flush to the wall. This work took two days to install. See the case study of this project on my website.

Additional Information

This work has much potential and general appeal. It visually resonates with people. I can create installations of porcelain wings for public or residential settings.