A Fertile Mind - CODAworx

A Fertile Mind

Submitted by Karen Ho Fatt Lee

Client: City of Leduc

Location: Leduc, AB, Canada

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Karen Ho Fatt


Cloud sculpture in powder coated aluminum. Approximately ten feet high. The cloud plates open like pages of a book revealing the mind's actions.


The goal was to reflect the library's guiding principles as well as the library's function as a vessel of ideas, knowledge and information inspiring lifelong learning, serving the surrounding community. A cloud symbolizes dreams, imagination and creativity. It is also a metaphor for information storage and the transfer of information. Today we share information through the 'cloud.' Water and rain is symbolic of the nourishment of thought and generation of new ideas. The flow of knowledge in the form of words 'rains' down in English as well as in French, German, Ukrainian, and Cree, representing the pioneers who founded Leduc.


The city and artist collaborated with surrounding schools to submit quotes on the theme of knowledge, education or imagination that were meaningful to them. These quotes and thoughts were placed at its base in 'puddles.'