"A Different View of Robert" - CODAworx

“A Different View of Robert”

Submitted by SUI Creative


Location: Washington DC, DC, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Robert Mayhew

SUI Creative

Joshua Kaufmann

SUI Creative


An illustration of Robert Downey, Jr. was selected to be drawn on MDF substrate with nails.

This project was created by SUI to explore alternative ways to present portraits. It would be used as a model for our string art process.

A pencil rendering of Robert Downey, Jr. was drawn to scale on the MDF board. Then to add the desired effect nails were hammered into the substrate spacing them appropriately apart. After the nailing was complete, we used strings to criss-cross around the nails in this image thereby adding dimension to the piece.


Our goal with this project was to explore different unique media outlets and to demonstrate there are no limits to what signage and artwork can accomplish. An imaginative rendering of a well-known face is both striking and sets us apart from the rest.