"A City in the Stairway" - CODAworx

“A City in the Stairway”

Submitted by SUI Creative

Client: Urban Institute and HYL Architects

Location: Washington DC, DC, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Robert Mayhew

SUI Creative

Rebecca Cornell

SUI Creative


This project idea was suggested by SUI and thereafter coordinated with Urban Institute and HYL Architects. The design we recommended evolved from a simple mural into an elaborate mapping of 7 cities across 8 floors. Each city blended into the next as you ascended the levels.

The inspiration for this design was to feature Urban Institute’s work in multiple cities. The challenge was to feature prominent areas of each city that Urban Institute had developed and also incorporate relevant identifying landmarks that make the city unique. Then the cityscapes had to blend throughout the 8 floors. The entire process took 7 weeks to bring the idea to fruition.


Create an art piece that incorporates the client’s contribution to urban areas while simultaneously encouraging the use of stairs by employees for health and wellness benefits.