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A Calm Oasis in the Center of Manhattan

Submitted by cheryl terrace


Location: New York, USA

Completion date: 2004

Project Team

Interior Designer

Cheryl Terrace


Industry Resource

Robert Politzer/Greenstreet Construction


Art Consultant

Carolyn Lane

Lane Art Consulting

Landscape Architect

Timothy Osborne



Career opportunities brought Sandy and Dave to New York City from Chicago, where they raised two daughters in a large traditional home.
The midtown apartment was the perfect size and location with large wraparound windows and a huge terrace, however needed extensive renovations to update horrendous parquet flooring, pop-corn ceilings and old metal HVAC units. The request for a modern yet warm inviting home where their daughters would be comfortable staying occasionally, included all work to be done as environmentally sensitive as possible. Conscious Clients are Vital Design’s specialty.


As a holistic designer I understand the importance of incorporating natural elements into a space (especially where the clients moved from a verdant location to the center of Manhattan).
Use of subdued earth-friendly materials included custom FSC flooring stained dark throughout, cream colored marble counters and an antique limestone fireplace mantel fitted with dark metallic tiles. New artwork includes a Betsy Eby large encaustic mixed media painting consisting of molten beeswax, pigment and damar crystals, juxtaposed with an equally impressive Bernd Haussmann painting. Their dynamic resonance creates a visually soothing symphony.
A long sculptural step leads to the large terrace, visible from most of the apartment, fitted with custom planters containing a variety of trees and shrubs chosen to dramatically showcase each distinct season (as well as bring nature in visually). A large distressed floating wood shelf anchors the gallery space visually (and helps conceal a wine bar). Ingo Maurer’s ‘Birds in Flight’ feather chandelier takes advantage of the vast sky views and gives a sense of movement (and whimsy) to this elegant apartment where art plays beautifully and serenely with the neutral, all natural textural environs.


As a holistic designer, my goal is to create a home experience that is calm, soothing and ultimately supportive of health and wellness. The artwork enhances this experience through various expressions; mostly by evoking nature in non literate yet powerfully subtle forms.
I am extremely fortunate to work with highly skilled professionals (who I refer to as my ‘green-dream-team’). I am also privileged to collaborate with Carolyn Lane as my art advisor, who brings her vast knowledge of art, as well as the art world, to a project. And, very importantly, my clients love working with her!

Additional Information

I believe because I practice yoga and meditation I bring a sense of calm to what can be a stressful and disruptive process (renovation, decoration and/or buying artwork). I have been designing healthy environments for over twenty years, and am blessed to work with many wonderful people. It is always nice to hear from clients, even after many years... : “We approach the 9 year mark in this apartment, and marvel every day (as do numerous guests from around the world) at what you wrought. I hope all is well with you and your practice in the eco-aesthete.”