88 Kearny - CODAworx

88 Kearny

Submitted by Gensler Digital Experience Design (DXD) Studio

Client: Nuveen

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Architectural design, Digital Experience concept and design, hardware, media and art direction, software development



Principal Builders

Systems Engineering & integration

Diversified Systems, Inc.

Display Manufacturer


Lighting Design

Banks Landl

Architectural Fabrics (diffusion)

Archetype Lighting


To transport visitors, connect guests, and shape the experience of 88 Kearny Street, Gensler’s Digital Experience Design (DXD) Studio created a soaring dynamic art gallery featuring evolving imagery rooted in local culture and history, natural textures, and creativity. The ceiling-high installation features 25 23-ft LED strips, which display bespoke content programmed to change throughout the day and respond to movement in the space. The image unfurls across the 23 strips as you pass through space and then recomposes upon entry to the elevator bank. The real-time content maintains relevancy day-to-day in accordance with seasonal changes, the time of day, and cultural events and holidays. Although much of the content is digitally generated, commissioned photography and time-lapse footage conjure a sense of place and connectedness while offering visitors a journey through the lobby that is never the same.


The dynamic digital gallery transformed the lobby of 88 Kearny Street, creating an eye-catching moment visible from outside the building as well as an inspiring journey inside the space. In a competitive and active tech leasing market, the client wanted a lobby that set it apart from other options to potential tech clientele while also offering something unique and inoffensive to more traditional corporate tenants of the building. The dynamic installation, with its range of content and responsive qualities, allowed for flexibility, inspiration, and innovation, appealing to a multitude of future tenants for our client.


side-by-side to create a cohesive story and a seamless, highly integrated solution. Gensler’s DXD team and architectural designers worked closely from concept through construction to ensure viewing angles, finishes, lighting and spacing of elements were optimized for the digital art. The result is a seamless marriage of mediums which allows the content of the art to sing and the storytelling to effortlessly unfold.