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Joyful Heart Garden Center

Submitted by muralsbymolli

Client: Joyful Heart Garden Center

Location: Jamestown , CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $1,500

Project Team

ownwer client

Mali Taylor

Joyful heart garden center

Artist murlist

Molli carter



Thirty years ago in high school, I met a girl named Mali and Alli and then there was me Molli. Mali Alli and Molli became very good friends. we drifted apart and M had not heard from Mali or Alli and the years passed. I thought of us all the time wondered whatever happened to Mali and Alli?. I
A few months ago got a phone call from a woman who wanted her ceilings painted like the sky. in her new business (which just happens to be my favorite thing to paint.) I was on board three ceilings and mural of a moon gate. I gave this client a swinging deal. sd when was finished she loved the murals so much hse hired me to paint two more. Low and behold it was my friend Mali from high school. so proud of her and the business she, built and her murals well, they are perfect for her establishment.


paint their ceilings like the sky a moon gate a small English farm and a second landscape in the "zen" room. Mali ( the client owner of the garden center wanted each mural to reflect the feeling of the establishment)


The client showed me pictures of thing she wanted in the mural and i created what she desired.

Additional Information

I used a lot of imagination in the murals they came to life bringing color texture and the different feelings that the client was seeking for her business