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InterSected Lives – Acacia


Client: Canneto Studios

Location: Columbus , OH, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team

Inmate artist

Acacia H

Ohio Department of Corrections

Inmate artist

Stacy H

Ohio Department of Corrections

Inmate artist

Stacy L

Ohio Department of Corrections

Inmate artist

Mark C

Ohio Department of Corrections

Inmate artist

Antwan B

Ohio Department of Corrections


Stephen Canneto

Canneto Studios


The Intersected Lives Project (ISLP) is an interactive multimedia exploration of the circumstances of five “Youthful Offenders” who were or remain incarcerated in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction’s adult prisons. So that we may understand them to be complex human beings with unique life stories worth hearing, each of the project’s sculptures is inspired by an individual youth’s writings, art and conversations with Stephen Canneto over a 24-month period. Their art and writings form the basis of each sculpture giving it meaning, power and authenticity. Through the youth’s accompanying narratives we learn about the circumstances that led to their incarceration and who they are today.


The Inter/Sected Lives Project seeks to change how society views incarcerated youth and the laws that send them into adult carceral systems.


InterSected Lives was created in collaboration with inmates Acacia H, Stacy H, Stacy L, Mark C, and the Ohio Department Of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Additional Information

Technique: Mixed media is used to create the sculptures and convey each youth’s emotional, social and physical relationships. The central figure representing the youth is made of ribbon wrapped cast resin. The ribbons binding the forms together symbolize their physical and emotional bonds to their family members, victims, antagonists and prison. The victims are represented by the negative spaces cut into the ceilings. They loom over the youth casting thsir shadows on cell walls and floors. Parents, siblings, boyfriend and guard are cut from steel and acrylic. The cells are fabricated from steel, wood, acrylic and printed Mylar.