Choctaw Nation Health Care Center Sculpture Installation

Submitted by Matthew Placzek


Client: Choctaw Nation Health Care Center

Location: Talihina, OK, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Choctaw Nation Health Care Center

Choctaw Nation Health Care Center

Art Consultant

Skyline Art Services

Skyline Art Services


Located in Talihina, Oklahoma is the Choctaw Nation Health Care Center. I created a sculpture installation to welcome patients to the center, and encourage a calming environment. This installation was created in the spirit of honoring family, a cornerstone in the Choctaw culture. Six life-sized, bronze figures are placed on the plaza, patinaed with rich and earthy brown tones dressed in the traditional Choctaw attire. circling the piece are two large oak leaf spires. The leaves carry into the atrium of the entranceway, suspended from the ceiling. The hospital is host to a beautiful courtyard where two additional bronze, Choctaw children are found sitting in front of a colorful butterfly and prairie grass screen.


The installation embodies the rich culture, enduring traditions, and the joyous spirit of the Choctaw Nation. My hope for this piece is to bring joy to generations of patients, visitors, and staff of the Choctaw Nation Health Care facility for years to come.