Cartouche, (Chronicle of the Orange King)

Submitted by Dale Enochs



Location: Bloomington, IN, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Dale Enochs


Jack Hill


Title: Cartouche, (Chronicle of the Orange King). A cartouche is an ancient Egyptian image that is made as an oval enclosing a group of hieroglyphs, typically representing the name and title of a monarch. The sculpture is approximately H. 40” x W. 9.5” x D. 9.5” It is made of Limestone, Powder Coated Steel, Bronze, Stainless Steel and Gold Leaf.


Using a form loosely based on a "Cartouche" I was compelled to address my observations regarding the rule of the current monarch of the United States. I believe that words carved in stone carry metaphorical weight. The words carved here obliquely speak of the rein of the Orange King in a poetic and pertinent manner.


The stone was carved by hand with hand tools. The writing was edited by poet, Jack Hill.