Submitted by Ed Carpenter


Client: City and County of Dallas Texas

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2003

Artwork budget: $1,025,699

Project Team


Ed Carpenter


Oanh Tran

Ed Carpenter Studio

Industry Resource

Craig Marquardt

Industry Resource

Albina Pipe Bending


Hanns Haefker

Haefker Studio


S.O.M. Chicago

S.O.M. Chicago


A river of light glows overhead. Streams of color pulse in waves of illumination. Floating lines in space suggest surface and depth. Tinted skies roll with swells of luminescence. This piece builds on the power of an extremely long space by creating continuous kinetic light effects along the entire ceiling of the Convention Center lobbies. Scores of floating dichroic “light sticks” suspended in an apparently random arrangement, create flowing pools of color on the ceiling. Lobby Light Sculpture, 800’ x 60’ x 20’
Computerized lighting, dichroic glass, aluminum, stainless steel cable